If there is no package in PLD repository, but it exist in CVS, You can easily put it into repository.

There is a bot on our IRC channels (#pld, #pldhelp). Sending a request is quite simple:

!stbr [help] [url] th|ti|ti-dev [no]upgrade spec1[:BRANCH] spec2[:BRANCH]

(th will send a package into PLD Th's builders; ti in PLD Titanium's one)


!stbr th noupgrade krusader.spec


grizz_pl: Sent test-build request for krusader.spec:HEAD directly to PLD-th builders. Visit http://link to track your request.

Visit that link to check that building finished accurately, or not.

Now you can ask, a developer to build that package and put it into repository.

!stbr th upgrade krusader.spec

Status of all requests can be viewed at http://stbr.pld-users.org/

Additional commands:

!stbr help
!stbr url

First one shows short help, second one display link to stbr page.

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